Thursday, October 23, 2014

REAL CLEAR POLITICS: Why Is Mary Landrieu in So Much Trouble?

Why Is Mary Landrieu in So Much Trouble?

It happens like clockwork.  Every six years, observers start the cycle predicting the demise of Louisiana’s Sen. Mary Landrieu.  Every six years, they are proven wrong, as she somehow pulls off an improbable victory.
But this year might really be different.  For the first time, Landrieu trails badly as we approach the November primary.  Her saving grace in 2008 – historically high black turnout – seems unlikely to materialize this cycle, while her saving grace in 2002 – a runoff coalition that favored her – seems impossible to re-create.
Of course, it would be a mistake to write Landrieu off completely, at least until we get the primary results and some pre-election polling.  But given everything that has happened in the state over the course of the past decade, it’s hard to see how she pulls this one out.

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