Monday, March 23, 2015

Digital Strategies Fuel Campaign Launch Decisions

Digital Strategies Fuel 2016 Campaign Launch Decisions 

Rand Paul sends Snapchats, Jeb Bush makes his own Instagram videos, and Hillary Clinton comments on current events and policy through Twitter. Soon, they may all be broadcasting major speeches and private events through Meerkat—if they haven't already. In the social-media-driven world of modern politics, "digital first" is the mantra of presidential campaigns. 

Friday, March 20, 2015



The latest polling below shows Senator Vitter receiving 15% of the african-american vote. Clearly this is just a function of name recognition. The much more likely outcome is closer to 1%. 15% of the black vote equals 4.5% of the statewide vote. Take that right off the top of Vitter's 33% total and his new total is 29.5%. 

Imagine a sitting U.S. Senator who has run twice statewide and numerous times from Congress and the legislature unable to garner more than 30% of the vote. Not good news for the perceived front runner.  



Louisiana Governor’s Race – Key Survey Findings

Survey Results: A statewide survey of likely general election voters conducted by 
McLaughlin & Associates finds that voters in Louisiana are still heavily divided on 
their choice for Governor and the race remains wide open. 

Senator David Vitter, who has virtually full name identification, currently 
only receives 33% of the vote. This shows that Louisiana voters are clearly 
searching for an alternative. It is also problematic for Vitter in that he 
receives 15% of the African American vote of which he would not in all 
likelihood retain. 

These numbers give the former Lieutenant Governor’s campaign a reason 
to be optimistic. In those areas where Scott Angelle is “on the air”, he has 
an impressive 3.5 to 1 positive image ratio and 76% name awareness. Most 
importantly, in those areas of the state where Angelle is “on the air” his 
ballot share increases to 19%, cutting Vitter’s share down to just 24% and 
Dardenne to 6%. This clearly illustrates the positive effect the Angelle 
media campaign is having. Furthermore, in the Lafayette media market 
back in January, Vitter led with 40% of the vote, now he only receives 17%, 
while Angelle leads with 27%. 

If voters have seen, read or heard anything about Scott Angelle within the 
past couple of weeks, Angelle actually is in a statistical tie with Vitter at 
nearly one-quarter of the vote and Edwards receives only 17%. 

Among voters who have a formed opinion of both David Vitter and Scott 
Angelle, Senator Vitter leads by only 2 points, 26% to 24%. 

When voters were asked who their second choice for Governor would be, 
Scott Angelle has improved from 9% to 14% in the past two months. These 
gains are much larger in areas where the campaign has been “on the air.” 
Angelle has improved his “second-choice” ballot share from 14% to 18% in 
the Lafayette Media Market and 11% to 27% in the Lake Charles Media 

Overall, Jay Dardenne has lost 3% of his ballot share in the last 2 months, 
and only 25% of the voters who are favorable to him actually prefer him in 
the ballot. This shows that Dardenne has little intensity to his support. 

The Bottom Line: 

The results of this survey clearly show that Senator David Vitter is a very weak
supposed front-runner. The fact that he is a sitting U.S. Senator and he only
receives approximately one-third of the vote clearly illustrates just how
vulnerable he is to a challenge. Scott Angelle’s campaign is gaining momentum,
especially in those areas where the campaign has been “on the air.” This explains
why both the Vitter and Dardenne campaigns have gone negative. They are trying
to stop the traction that the Angelle Campaign has gained. If the Angelle
Campaign has the necessary resources to continue to expand its communications
it should be in a good position for the upcoming election.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sam Hanna Jr.: Race for Governor, Never too early to get snippy

Sam Hanna Jr.: Race for Governor, Never too early to get snippy

On the surface, it seems as if Edwards and Vitter are working hand in hand against Angelle. But that’s another topic for another day.

Working together or not, it’s more than apparent Edwards and Vitter believe Angelle is a contender. If he wasn’t, they wouldn’t be wasting their time talking about him.


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

ALFORD: Scott Angelle is The Most Attacked Candidate in the Governor’s Race

ALFORD: The Most Attacked Candidate in the Governor’s Race 

Scott Angelle has showed a little movement, up from 2 percent in earlier polls, with several months to go before the general election. He’s building a base in Acadiana, which has paved the road to the Governor’s Mansion for the likes of Edwin Edwards, Kathleen Blanco and Mike Foster. He raised more money over a three-month period in 2014 than two of the other candidates collected all year.

Monday, March 16, 2015

New Live Stream App May Be 2016 Political Game Changer

New Live Stream App May Be 2016 Game Changer

"for intimate political gatherings that exclude the press, it’s easier than ever for a bartender or caterer or any attendee to discreetly stream a candidate’s remarks to the public"

Wednesday, March 11, 2015



The latest poll in the Louisiana Governor race by a firm out of Mississippi shows U.S. Senator David Vitter leading the race with 35%. That is a combination of 23% definately and 12% probably. The senior GOP Senator from Louisiana should be running much stronger. Earlier polling showed him in the 40's and even the 50's in very early polling.

The only candidate who appears to be moving up is Public Service Commissioner Scott Angelle. 

Senator Vitter has seniority in the Senate and is chair of a powerful committee. If he were to win the race for Governor the highest ranking U.S. Senator from Louisiana would be rookie Bill Cassidy, followed shortly by a Vitter replacement who would also be a rookie. Vitter is currently is in a very powerful position to help our state. In a legislative body that is organized based on seniority he is a player. If he were to be elected Governor, we (the taxpayers of Louisiana) would be the losers. 

It appears that people are starting to catch on..

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The great populism control effort of 2016

The great populism control effort of 2016  
In 2016, the great cultural fad in American politics will be populist control. And it will be so popular, both parties will spend considerable time tamping down the populist momentum that threatens to upend their Congressional and presidential ambitions.