Sunday, January 25, 2015

Capitol Buzz: Poll shows uptick in Gov. Bobby Jindal’s approval

Capitol Buzz: Poll shows uptick in Gov. Bobby Jindal’s approval

Gov. Bobby Jindal has seen a slight uptick in Louisianans who view him favorably, according to a new poll of likely Louisiana voters.

The poll, conducted by Jindal’s campaign pollster Wes Anderson of OnMessage Inc., found 46 percent approve of Jindal’s job performance heading into the final year of his final term, while 45 percent view him unfavorably.
Among respondents 45 and younger, Jindal’s numbers were 55 percent favorable to 41 percent unfavorable.

Saturday, January 24, 2015


12 keys to the GOP presidential race right now

DES MOINES — As the Freedom Summit marks the unofficial start of the 2016 Republican presidential campaign here in Iowa, the race is already too sprawling, with too many characters and too many crosscurrents, to have a single theme. But here are a dozen keys to understand what is happening now:

12. You know what Bobby Jindal said about Muslim "no-go zones" in Europe, a statement that resulted in Jindal being criticized and mocked by mainstream commentators? It turns out many social conservatives in Iowa really liked it. To them, Jindal was warning about the danger of enclaves of unassimilated Muslim populations in an age of Islamic radicalism, a problem they fear could be in store for the United States. Jindal, who is himself the model of an assimilated American from an immigrant family, not only did not suffer from his remarks but instead benefited from them.

Those are 12 factors at play in the race now. One could easily list 12 more, and 12 more after that. It's going to be a very complicated campaign.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Rick Bond Leads Field of Four in Cash-on-Hand Heading into Dist. 66 House Primary

Rick Bond Leads Field of Four in Cash-on-Hand Heading into Dist. 66 House Primary

Businessman Rick Bond leads a field of four candidates in the critical area of cash-on-hand leading into the primary election for House District 66, according to official campaign finance reports filed by each candidate.  Bond’s report shows he has raised over $57,000 with $55,387.58 remaining for the February 21st Primary Election to fill the seat vacated by the election of Hunter Greene to the East Baton Rouge Parish Family Court.                      
“We’re excited about our fundraising efforts and we’re really just getting started.  We continue to raise money from business groups, individuals and community leaders so I feel confident we will have enough cash-on-hand to get our message out in time for the election,” he says.
Bond is followed by Councilman Buddy Amoroso who shows $33,649.94 in cash-on-hand.  His report shows that he had raised just over $70,000 but much of it came in the form of a personal loan.  He has already spent more than half of his funds.  Former Councilman Darrell Ourso’s report shows he has raised $10,810.06 with $8800 remaining.  The final candidate, Susan Nelson, shows $2086.06 raised in the reporting period and $1576.10 remaining.
Bond owns several local businesses specializing in real estate and investments.  He’s a graduate of Louisiana State University’s Paul M. Hebert Law Center where he was the Moot Court Competition Champion.  He’s a cum laude graduate with degrees in Political Science and Economics. 

                “I know finance.  I know economics.  I know the law.  These Campaign Finance Reports should show that I’m a serious candidate with significant backing from a diverse and influential cross section of our community,” he concludes. 



Led by its left-wing media reporter Brian Stelter and anchor Wolf Blitzer, CNN spent two days this week gleefully bashing Fox News and Louisiana Republican Governor Bobby Jindal for doing the exact same thing CNN has been doing for two years: reporting on Muslim “no go zones” in Europe as fact. Wednesday night, under pressure from the Washington Post and others, primetime anchor Anderson Cooper did what Stelter and others at CNN have not yet shown the moral courage to do: end the hypocritical cover up:

Cooper deserves credit for ending the cover up and fully disclosing CNN’s dishonest hypocrisy on this issue. Will Stelter, Blitzer, and others display the same integrity?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

SCOTT ANGELLE: "Regulation that leads to strangulation does not make America stronger"


Today, Scott Angelle, a Louisiana gubernatorial candidate and member of the Public Service Commission, strongly condemned the White House's proposed regulations on methane gas.
"These proposed regulations are ridiculous, unnecessary and costly," Angelle said. "As in 2010 with the gulf drilling moratorium, the federal government is continuing its war on Louisiana's energy economy, the jobs it creates and the families it supports. After all, it is advances in natural gas production that have actually led to a cleaner environment in America due to the continued displacement of coal as a primary fuel source for electricity generation." 
Angelle, then the interim Lieutenant Governor, was Louisiana's point-man in the fight to end the gulf drilling moratorium in 2010.
"As I've said before, these moratoriums and regulations hurt the livelihoods of countless Louisiana families that wake up every morning, put on their steel-toe boots and hard-hats, kiss their families goodbye, and set out to do the hard work of fueling America through our energy industry."
Angelle is reaching out to state officials to look at Louisiana's options to block the regulations. 
"The people of Louisiana have my commitment that I'll fight these regulations with the same vigor I fought the drilling moratorium," Angelle said. "I'm in contact with our state's officials to decide what our next step should be to ensure that these proposed regulations don't make their way to a zip code near you."
According to reports, as for how much the regulations might cost the energy industry, the White House has said it won't have specific estimates until later. 

"It is unconceivable to me that Washington would propose public policy without examining the detrimental effect it would have on jobs in America and specifically Louisiana," Angelle said. "Regulation that leads to strangulation does not make America stronger."

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Stephanie Grace: Here's the gameplan Dardenne, Angelle, Edwards might use against Vitter in race for governor

Stephanie Grace: Here's the gameplan Jay Dardenne, Scott Angelle, John Bel Edwards might use against David Vitter in race for Louisiana governor

No doubt Vitter had a good 2014. In the contest for the state’s other Senate seat, he got the result he not only wanted but helped engineer, three-term Democrat Mary Landrieu’s defeat at the hands of Bill Cassidy. He got the Republican takeover he wanted, too, complete with a committee chairmanship on small business, a scenario that leaves him with as much power as he’s had in Congress to date.

But his success also gives his rivals, not just Dardenne but Public Service Commissioner Scott Angelle, who playfully seconded Dardenne’s motion, and state Rep. John Bel Edwards, some ammunition. It’s worth considering whether Louisiana would be better off with at least one senior senator rather than two beginners, and expect these three to keep making the case.


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Angelle Raises $1.5 Million In Final Quarter Of 2014, Vitter $4 Million In All 4 Quarters

Angelle Raises $1.5 Million In Final Quarter Of 2014, Vitter $4 Million In All 4 Quarters

Heading into the first gubernatorial debate in Baton Rouge this week U.S. Sen. David Vitter will soon report to the state Ethics Commission that his gubernatorial campaign raised more than $4 million for all 4 quarterly reports in 2014.

Public Service Commissioner Scott Angelle told LaPolitics last week that he raised $1.5 million in the final quarter alone, after announcing in October. 

Angelle appears to be out-raisng the early frontrunner by a significant clip at this point. Should make for a lively race in 2015.