Monday, October 13, 2014


Bobby Jindal supports attorney general's efforts to keep Ebola waste ashes out of Louisiana

Gov. Bobby Jindal supports Attorney GeneralBuddy Caldwell's lawsuit to keep the belongings of an Ebola victim out of Louisiana.

Caldwell is asking for a temporary restraining order to keep the incinerated belongings of Thomas Eric Duncan, the Dallas Ebola patient, from being brought to a Louisiana landfill.

"We support the AG's TRO. There are unanswered questions regarding safety and we need to get those answers," said Shannon Bates, Jindal's deputy communications director.

Louisiana facility will not accept incinerated material from Ebola patient

A day after Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell announced plans to get a restraining order to prevent incinerated Ebola waste from being put in a Louisiana landfill, that landfill said it has decided to not accept the waste.
Monday morning, Chemical Waste Management, Inc.’s Lake Charles Facility let Veolia Environmental in Port Arthur, Texas, know that there were no current plans to accept the Ebola waste that was incinerated at the Texas facility.

Louisiana Southwest State Representatives are speaking out about a recent news report that Louisiana would host Ebola-related incinerated waste from the Dallas dwellings.

Here is a statement from Louisiana state representatives from the related region:

“A basic function of government and of this legislature is to protect the citizens of Louisiana from foreseeable harm due to infectious disease. We wholeheartedly support the efforts of the Louisiana Attorney General in his attempt to prevent the transportation to Louisiana of potentially hazardous waste removed from a deceased Ebola infected patient’s dwelling.  The Ebola virus and outbreak is a new threat with many unknowns, including the possible risks of waste disposal.  It has become clear that this virus poses potential risks that require extreme care, a high level of training, constant supervision and extremely careful handling. We should move slowly and carefully to understand all the risks before transporting this material to a Louisiana landfill for disposal.”   

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