Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dr. Ralph Abraham for Congress

    Great night at the old Governor Jimmie Davis house with my friend, client and soon to be Congressman from the 5th Congressional district Dr. Ralph Abraham. If you vote in northeast, central LA or the Florida parishes please vote for Dr. Ralph Abraham for Congress

Democrats Are Giving Up on Mary Landrieu

Democrats Are Giving Up on Mary Landrieu 

 Sen. Mary Landrieu is running out of ways to win her runoff in Louisiana next month.
Even before Landrieu came up one vote short Tuesday night for cloture on her bill to pass the Keystone XL pipeline, a contentious energy project that would have at the very least given her an opportunity to tout her influence in Washington, Landrieu was struggling to break through in what has been a devastating election season for Democrats.
Landrieu is an endangered species, the last Democratic senator in the Deep South, and she can no longer campaign as the powerful chairwoman of the Senate's Energy and Natural Resources committee in her oil- and gas-rich state now that Democrats have already lost their majority in the Senate. An internal poll released last week from her Republican opponent, Rep. Bill Cassidy, showed Landrieu down 16 points in the polls. The last 15 public polls have shown Cassidy leading, although most merely by single digits. And, even if Landrieu could have convinced enough of her colleagues to get behind Keystone, it's unclear how much of a difference such a victory could have made for her. House Republican leaders already allowed Cassidy to lead the charge last week to approve Keystone in the House.
Now, Landrieu faces the task of running a campaign in Louisiana that few in Washington believe she can win. After 18 years in the Senate, it looks like this is a campaign that Landrieu will finish off alone.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Abraham: 'We remained consistent and persistent'

Abraham: 'We remained consistent and persistent' 

Ralph Abraham may have been the least noticed congressional candidate to make a runoff election this fall even though the rural doctor from Alto was consistently at or near the top of pre-election polls.
Other 5th Congressional District Republicans — most notably incumbent U.S. Rep. Vance McAllister, aka "The Kissing Congressman," and "Duck Dynasty" cousin Zach Dasher — were being followed or featured by national media.
"Who is Ralph Lee Abraham?" Houston Chronicle reporter Lauren McGaughy tweeted as election results began rolling in Nov. 4.
But while those outside the 5th District may have been attracted to the scandal of McAllister or the flash of Dasher, those within the district put Abraham (23 percent) into the runoff with Democratic Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo (28 percent). The runoff election is Dec. 6.
"We didn't lose any sleep over it," said Abraham, 60. "We just remained consistent and persistent and the voters responded."

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Landrieu needs 30/30 strategy to defeat Cassidy

Landrieu needs 30/30 strategy to defeat Cassidy 

In the open primary Nov. 4, the Democratic turnout effort hit the first target: Black voters made up 30 percent of the electorate, based on exit polls, which is just shy of their share of all registered voters in Louisiana. And they gave Landrieu 94 percent of their votes, according to those polls, which provide a rough measure of voter behavior.
But Landrieu fell dismally short of the second goal: Only 18 percent of white voters supported her, the exit polls showed.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Louisiana AG joins effort to deem Maryland's gun restrictions unconstitutional

Louisiana AG joins effort to deem Maryland's gun restrictions unconstitutional 

Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell has joined 20 other state attorneys general in opposing Maryland's Firearm Safety Act of 2013, which Caldwell says restricts gun rights.

Caldwell's office announced Friday (Nov. 14) that he has joined in filing an amicus brief opposing the law because it "violates citizens' rights to keep and bear arms protected by the Second Amendment."

Amicus briefs are legal opinions submitted by those who are not a party to a case but may have an indirect interest in the case's outcome. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

It's easy for Louisiana GOP to be unified now, but just wait until next year

It's easy for Louisiana GOP to be unified now, but just wait until next year

The Republican bigwigs who converged at Huey’s Bar in Baton Rouge on Monday billed the lunchtime gathering as a unity rally. And indeed, Republican leaders are unified around the common cause of ending Democrat Mary Landrieu’s 18-year U.S. Senate tenure next month and completing a remarkable clean sweep of statewide offices.
They should enjoy it while it lasts.
All this comes as the state’s politicians start to gear up for the 2015 election, in which the major obstacles to some Republicans’ success aren’t going to be Democrats, but other Republicans. For governor alone, Vitter already faces two big GOP names, Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne and Public Service Commissioner Scott Angelle, and Kennedy has yet to announce his plans. Expect a similar dynamic up and down the ballot. And expect a whole lot more intra-party conflict, over both issues and primacy.

So yes, it’s easy to be unified now, when all the blood in the water is coming from Democrats. Just wait until next year.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ralph Abraham Statement on Veterans Day

Ralph Abraham Statement on Veterans Day

November 11, 2014 - ARCHIBALD – Dr. Ralph Abraham released the following statement in honor of Veterans Day.

“As I travel the 24 parishes in Louisiana’s Fifth Congressional District, I am humbled to meet brave men and women every day who have served our country in the armed forces. As a veteran myself, I understand the deep sense of duty ingrained in each of these citizens who have volunteered to put their own lives on the line, ensuring that America’s future generations can enjoy the same freedoms we grew up with.

“As Americans, we should make every day a day to honor our veterans. I will never forget how much we owe our veterans, and I thank them deeply for their service. ” RALPH ABRAHAM, M.D.

Dr. Ralph Abraham served as a 1st Lieutenant, Co C 2/20th Special Forces from April 1986 – June 1989. He continues to be involved with the military by serving as a Mission Pilot with the Civil Air Patrol and an Aircraft Commander with the U.S. Coast Guard. 



Republicans rally for Bill Cassidy 


Steve Scalise other GOP leaders object to President Obama's call for equal access to all Internet providers

Sen. Elbert Guillory calls Rep. Ted James a Chihuahua, hangs up on radio interview


Monday, November 10, 2014

Foster Campbell- "The last Democrat standing"

Democratic future looks bleak in Louisiana and the Deep South 

An anemic vote tally for U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu, the last Democrat elected statewide, has politicians wondering if, like the rest of the Deep South, Louisiana has become a place where only Republicans can win the major offices.
“It looks like a long, dark tunnel for Democrats in this state,” said LSU political science professor Robert E. Hogan, who specializes in state level politics.
Should Landrieu lose on Dec. 6, the last Democrat standing will be the pugnacious Louisiana Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell, of Bossier Parish. His predominantly rural district only covers the northern third of the state and has about 1 million residents. But they are among the most conservative voters in Louisiana.
Yet, Campbell on Tuesday thumped a well-funded, professionally managed Republican challenger who had the backing of the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry.
Campbell says the key is to take care of constituents’ needs and serve as their voice before the mighty.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

POLITICO: Democrats bail on Mary Landrieu!

POLITICO: Democrats bail on Mary Landrieu!

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has canceled its advertising reservations for Sen. Mary Landrieu ahead of the December runoff in Louisiana.

The committee canceled all broadcast buys planned from Monday through Dec. 6 in the state’s five major media markets, three sources tracking the air war told POLITICO. That’s about $1.6 million worth of time.



Mary Landrieu’s pile of bad news

While she won 94 percent of the black vote, she drew only 18 percent of the white vote and 22 percent among white women. In 2008, according to CNN’s exit poll, she got 33 percent of the white vote and 34 percent from white women. That’s a pretty devastating drop-off. 

6th Congressional District primary election: were you surprised by the results?

Mayo vs. Abraham: Time to go to work

Bobby Jindal endorses Bill Cassidy 

Maybe lawsuit wasn’t so frivolous 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014




Republicans surge to control of U.S. Senate 

Mary Landrieu, Bill Cassidy move on to Dec. 6 runoff for U.S. Senate 

Edwin Edwards: ‘I have all the advantages’ against Garret Graves in Louisiana runoff 

Congressman McAllister runs 4th in 5th district race 

Louisiana voters reject eight proposed constitutional amendments, pass six 


Monday, November 3, 2014

Congressional race in 6th District takes last-minute, ugly turn

Congressional race in 6th District takes last-minute, ugly turn 

A mailer sent out by Garret Graves, who has a substantial lead on the fundraising front, says one of his many Republican competitors, Paul Dietzel, worked for a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender advocacy group and for the state Democratic party.

Around the same time, a webpage was published that has since been taken down but reportedly included "gay innuendo" about Dietzel, his campaign manager J. Hudson said. The webpage questioned the candidate's family values based on the fact that he was 28, had never been married, never had children and didn't have a girlfriend.

Before the webpage was wiped, Democrat Edwin Edwards' wife Trina Edwards tweeted a link to it on Oct. 29 with the heading: "BREAKING: New Details: Who is Paul Dietzel II?"

When asked on Twitter if the Edwards' campaign was responsible for the website, Trina Edwards deflected it by tweeting, "Pretty sure you should look to Garret for that answer."

It notes Graves did not earn a college degree, that he worked for Democrats in Washington, D.C., and that his residence is in Washington, D.C. Graves has acknowledged that he owns a house in Washington, D.C.

One could argue the race's sudden negative tone was set at the candidates' final debate, when as reported by The Advocate, the leading Republicans in the race attacked Graves, regarding his father's contracts with the Army Corps of Engineers around the same time candidate Graves ran Louisiana's Coastal Protection and Restoration Fund.


Endorsement comparison for Piedrahita Caldwell judicial race

Endorsement comparison for Piedrahita Caldwell judicial race

Across the South, polls show Republicans ahead before Tuesday's elections

Across the South, polls show Republicans ahead before Tuesday's elections

Though Mary Landrieu is expected to get more votes than either of her two main Republican challengers in Tuesday's election, an NBC News / Marist Poll conducted Friday shows the Democratic incumbent losing in a head-to-head match-up with Bill Cassidy and losing in an head-to-head to match-up with Rob Maness.

According to that poll, if she were to face Cassidy in a Dec. 6 runoff, she would get 45 percent of the vote to his 50, and if she were to face Maness, she would get 44 percent to his 49. 

I think a poll showing her trailing Maness illustrates that.  He's never been elected to office, doesn't have a political record to offer and doesn't have the name recognition that Landrieu has. But he has an R beside his name, and I think we've reached the point in Louisiana where an R beside a name is enough to win against against a candidate whose name runs beside a D.  

Such a shift suggests their belief that the D is now deadly.

Political consultants win big in 6th District Congressional race

Political consultants win big in 6th District Congressional race 

The biggest earner was Baton Rouge-based The Political Firm, to which the Graves campaign paid $486,000 in a seven-and-a-half-month period from April 1 to October 15, according to the Federal Election Commission. Graves' campaign manager Kevin Roig said the cost of the campaign's TV ad buys (totaling $468,000 for the period) was included in The Political Firm's compensation, under "placed media" line items.

The Political Firm is the consulting business that former Sixth District candidateCassie Felder sued after leaving her campaign for Graves'. Felder later dropped out of the race. The Republican-bent firm is comprised of consultants Scott Hobbs and Jason Hebert.

Louisiana Spotlight: Another month of election ads on horizon

Louisiana Spotlight: Another month of election ads on horizon

While voters around the country eagerly await Tuesday as the end of the campaign ad season, Louisiana’s residents need to brace for another month of the onslaught of negative TV ads and mailboxes spilling over with attack fliers.
The quirk of the state’s election calendar for congressional races means the barrage of ill will from campaigns and outside groups is expected to continue through the Thanksgiving holidays and most of the college football regular season.
High-profile U.S. Senate and U.S. House races seem all but certain to be decided Dec. 6, because the slate of candidates is long. If no candidate in a field gets more than 50 percent of the vote, the race heads to a runoff between the top two vote-getters.
That means Louisiana will be one of the last, if not the last, state in the country to decide some of its congressional seats — well past the Election Day everyone else around the nation expects to decide their lineups in Congress.

Sunday, November 2, 2014



Bob Mann:

Until this weekend there was only one unacceptable candidate in Louisiana’s 6th district congressional race. Now there are two. 
Add to the list Republican Garret Graves, who along with the wife of former Gov. Edwin Edwards, have descended into the sewer with personal attacks on Republican candidate Paul Dietzel. In particular, both campaigns have pushed the implication that Dietzel is gay or secretly supports gay rights. Both campaigns are playing to the homophobia of some 6th district voters.
As readers of this blog know well, I am no fan of Edwards. He’s an unrepentant felon whose election would further sully Louisiana’s reputation. I had long ago decided that I would vote for one of Edwards’ Republican opponents. It’s a safe GOP district, so my plan was to vote for the least objectionable Republican, the person most likely to listen to the other side and least likely to contribute to partisan gridlock.

Until a few days ago, I thought that might be Graves. After all, he’d worked in D.C. for Sen. Mary Landrieu. People who know him well — I don’t know him, except by reputation — tell me he’s a fairly liberal person who simply sold out to run for public office.




"Big Talk" Dan Claitor for Congress 





Edwin Edwards really needs a miracle  

6th District’s crowded field jockeys for votes 

In a nationally watched race for a key U.S. Senate seat, clear strategies emerge 

Ben Carson and Northshore Tea Party rally for Bill Cassidy, signaling support from right 

Hillary Clinton recalls Mary Landrieu's leadership post-Katrina at New Orleans rally 

Boustany faces smoother re-election bid than 2012 

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