Monday, November 3, 2014

Congressional race in 6th District takes last-minute, ugly turn

Congressional race in 6th District takes last-minute, ugly turn 

A mailer sent out by Garret Graves, who has a substantial lead on the fundraising front, says one of his many Republican competitors, Paul Dietzel, worked for a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender advocacy group and for the state Democratic party.

Around the same time, a webpage was published that has since been taken down but reportedly included "gay innuendo" about Dietzel, his campaign manager J. Hudson said. The webpage questioned the candidate's family values based on the fact that he was 28, had never been married, never had children and didn't have a girlfriend.

Before the webpage was wiped, Democrat Edwin Edwards' wife Trina Edwards tweeted a link to it on Oct. 29 with the heading: "BREAKING: New Details: Who is Paul Dietzel II?"

When asked on Twitter if the Edwards' campaign was responsible for the website, Trina Edwards deflected it by tweeting, "Pretty sure you should look to Garret for that answer."

It notes Graves did not earn a college degree, that he worked for Democrats in Washington, D.C., and that his residence is in Washington, D.C. Graves has acknowledged that he owns a house in Washington, D.C.

One could argue the race's sudden negative tone was set at the candidates' final debate, when as reported by The Advocate, the leading Republicans in the race attacked Graves, regarding his father's contracts with the Army Corps of Engineers around the same time candidate Graves ran Louisiana's Coastal Protection and Restoration Fund.


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