Thursday, September 18, 2014

LABI 2014 Legislative Scorecard: Rep, Lenar Whitney 100%, Sen. Dan Claitor 96%

LABI Releases 2014 Legislative Scorecard   

6TH DISTRICT CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATES: Rep, Lenar Whitney 100%, Sen. Dan Claitor 96%

Baton Rouge, La. – The Louisiana Association of Business and Industry (LABI) is releasing today scores earned by all members of the Louisiana House and Senate on LABI’s 2014 Legislative Scorecard.
After tabulating more than 45 votes cast during the 2014 legislative session, nearly 21 percent of state legislators earned an “A” (90-100) for voting in support of the priority issues outlined in LABI’s 2014 Program of Work, earning a spot on ‘LABI’s 2014 All-Star Team.’ Additionally, the four lawmakers who earned a perfect 100 percent score – Reps. Richard Buford, R-StonewallSimone Champagne, R-JeaneretteNancy Landry, R-Lafayette; and Lenar Whitney, R-Houma – will receive special designation as ‘LABI’s 2014 Most Valuable Policymakers.’ 

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  1. Lenar posted a 78% in 2013, and Dan posted a 74% in 2012. Those are "C" grades. Amazing how running for Congress changes your voting habits...