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By Jeremy Alford-  (

One candidate legally changed his name to match that of his famous grandfather. Two others are embroiled in a bitter lawsuit that could result in one testifying under oath. Another is happily grabbing national headlines for what would otherwise be considered negative press. And the frontrunner spent eight years in federal prison for racketeering and extortion. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to the expected field, or most of it, in the 6th Congressional District. Qualifying is only two weeks away..

(Garret) Graves may need some of his campaign cash for legal fees for what is becoming an unpredictable legal drama. Candidate and attorney Cassie Felder, a fellow Republican from Baton Rouge, is suing one of Grave's consultants, the Political Firm, which was originally leading her campaign. She's claiming breaches of confidentiality and non-competition, and questioning at what point Graves and the firm hooked up after she received a termination letter. Even though a judge ruled this week the firm could continue its work, Graves could still potentially end up on the stand. The discovery process, according to sources involved with the litigation, "may get uncomfortable for some folks."

As Paul Dietzel fights for turf against the other Red Stick Republicans, he has become a lightning rod for accusations that bring into question one of his strongest assets: his name, which at birth was Stephen Paul Dietzel II. He had it legally changed to Paul Dietzel in January, months after announcing for Congress. That it matches the name of his famous grandfather, the late coach of the 1958 national championship LSU football team, is circumstantial, he said in a recent interview.

What is Public Service Commissioner Scott Angelle of Breaux Bridge going to do? He has been rumored to be considering either governor, which is growing unpredictable and packed, or lieutenant governor, a post the Republican once filled on an interim basis. If he can unify the Acadiana vote, a region where other major candidates have yet to surface, he could be a formidable contender. When asked about his plans, Angelle told LaPolitics, "September is a great time in Louisiana with hunting, football, food and festivals. It's also a great time for political announcements."


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