Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Stephanie Grace: Here's the gameplan Dardenne, Angelle, Edwards might use against Vitter in race for governor

Stephanie Grace: Here's the gameplan Jay Dardenne, Scott Angelle, John Bel Edwards might use against David Vitter in race for Louisiana governor

No doubt Vitter had a good 2014. In the contest for the state’s other Senate seat, he got the result he not only wanted but helped engineer, three-term Democrat Mary Landrieu’s defeat at the hands of Bill Cassidy. He got the Republican takeover he wanted, too, complete with a committee chairmanship on small business, a scenario that leaves him with as much power as he’s had in Congress to date.

But his success also gives his rivals, not just Dardenne but Public Service Commissioner Scott Angelle, who playfully seconded Dardenne’s motion, and state Rep. John Bel Edwards, some ammunition. It’s worth considering whether Louisiana would be better off with at least one senior senator rather than two beginners, and expect these three to keep making the case.



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