Wednesday, January 21, 2015

SCOTT ANGELLE: "Regulation that leads to strangulation does not make America stronger"


Today, Scott Angelle, a Louisiana gubernatorial candidate and member of the Public Service Commission, strongly condemned the White House's proposed regulations on methane gas.
"These proposed regulations are ridiculous, unnecessary and costly," Angelle said. "As in 2010 with the gulf drilling moratorium, the federal government is continuing its war on Louisiana's energy economy, the jobs it creates and the families it supports. After all, it is advances in natural gas production that have actually led to a cleaner environment in America due to the continued displacement of coal as a primary fuel source for electricity generation." 
Angelle, then the interim Lieutenant Governor, was Louisiana's point-man in the fight to end the gulf drilling moratorium in 2010.
"As I've said before, these moratoriums and regulations hurt the livelihoods of countless Louisiana families that wake up every morning, put on their steel-toe boots and hard-hats, kiss their families goodbye, and set out to do the hard work of fueling America through our energy industry."
Angelle is reaching out to state officials to look at Louisiana's options to block the regulations. 
"The people of Louisiana have my commitment that I'll fight these regulations with the same vigor I fought the drilling moratorium," Angelle said. "I'm in contact with our state's officials to decide what our next step should be to ensure that these proposed regulations don't make their way to a zip code near you."
According to reports, as for how much the regulations might cost the energy industry, the White House has said it won't have specific estimates until later. 

"It is unconceivable to me that Washington would propose public policy without examining the detrimental effect it would have on jobs in America and specifically Louisiana," Angelle said. "Regulation that leads to strangulation does not make America stronger."

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