Tuesday, October 13, 2015



Governor: Scott Angelle

While there are four major candidates to lead Louisiana for the next four years, my choice was only between two: Scott Angelle and Jay Dardenne. (I have already shared my opinions on David Vitter and John Bel Edwards, neither of whom would benefit our future.)
I have known and worked with Angelle and Dardenne for years and endorsed both in the past. I admire and respect them and appreciate their leadership for our state in multiple capacities.
There will be tough challenges in the year ahead, and it will require developing solutions and most importantly building consensus in our state and Legislature for Louisiana to succeed in the future. I believe Scott Angelle can best accomplish this as governor.
Angelle has been a leader as parish president, interim lieutenant governor, secretary of Natural Resources and member of the Public Service Commission. He also serves on the LSU Board of Supervisors and helped start the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority.
Angelle has conservative values and cares about people. I heard his fiery speech after the oil spill, when he fought the moratorium by President Barack Obama. He rallied the people.
He is a family man, passionate about our state, who has great people skills. That was evident when both houses of the Legislature voted unanimously to approve his appointment as interim lieutenant governor. It’s hard not to like Scott Angelle. He gets along and works well with folks. That humble, servant leadership will benefit him and our state well as governor for the next four years.


COMMENTARY: The most liberal newspaper in the state endorsed Vitter and the most conservative endorsed Angelle. This furthers the theory that the liberals are conspiring to get Vitter in the runoff so they have a Republican they can beat. As I have said before, a vote for Vitter is a vote for 'the Democrat John Bel Edwards' in the runoff. The latest independent polling shows Vitter losing in the runoff to the Democrat.. All the other Republicans win!


  1. Senator Vitter has an outstanding record as a solid conservative and will continue to fight for us as governor. I am proud to support him. Go Vitter!

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